When you are ready to get started, just call us at (808) 841-2929. If we're not in the office or unable to pick up the phone, please leave a message and someone will get back to you by the end of the next business day (we are closed on Sundays).

Your first visit will take about 45 minutes. You'll start off with some initial paperwork where we will get some basic information, details about your current problem and your health history. You can get a headstart on your care by scrolling down to the bottom of this page and clicking the intake tab. This will take you to a separate web page where you may input your information. Your information will be collected easily and securely over the internet saving you a lot of time.

If you are using a smart phone and these tabs are unavailable, pleaseĀ click this link:

Dr. Shiraki or Dr. Esser will then visit with you for a few minutes to follow up on some of the information which you've provided and to also answer any other questions you may have. Following that, the doctor will examine you, and through palpation and observation of your movement and posture, he will determine where the subluxations (misalignments) are in your spine.

After the exam, we will give you some relief with a 10-20 minute session of some sort of physiotherapy. Sometimes the therapy is something simple like ice or heat. Sometimes we may set you up on a traction unit, or we may perhaps use electric stimulation units or other devices.

When the therapy is finished, one of the assistants will give you a short percussion massage to loosen up your back further. This is all that we will do for you on your first day. Dr. Shiraki will not give you a chiropractic adjustment on your first visit. Before you leave, we will set up your next appointment (usually the following day). The cost of this first visit is only $10.00.

On your second visit, we will start again with a 10-20 minute therapy session followed by a short massage. Then Dr. Shiraki will give you your first chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment takes only a few minutes and will be geared and "customized" towards your unique spinal alignment circumstances.

When your adjustment is over and we wrap things up, Dr. Shiraki will go over your spinal misalignment problems and give you clear, straightforward initial recommendations. After that, a chiropractic assistant (C.A.) will explain all your payment options, including the Honor Box, and will also help you schedule your next few appointments.

Sometimes Dr. Shiraki can combine both visits on your first day, giving you an exam and an adjustment at the same time. Dr. Esser will usually do the spinal exam and first adjustment together on your very first visit. When we are able to do both the initial exam and first adjustment at the same time, the total cost will be $50.00.

Our goal is to have you leave our office after your second appointment feeling better and confident that you've selected the right chiropractor to help you achieve your health goals.

Getting Started