"It was one month after the 9/11 tragedy. I could not sleep. I sat at my dining room table reviewing stats, financial projections, and adjusted budgets. My mind was consumed with an idea that had grown huge over the past couple weeks, and that night, I found myself reviewing the total implications of adopting this new style of running my practice.

In some respects the idea was crazy. From a pure business perspective it was foolish, maybe suicidal. However, the idealistic side of me knew that this approach to health care was the most congruent with everything I believed about healing, my responsibility as a doctor, and what it means to provide the best care to my patients.

So after pondering the matter deep into the night, I prayed and as dawn broke I finally felt a quiet confirmation in my mind and heart that I should take this leap of faith.

The next day, Hawaii's first Honor Box was born."

-- Dr. Shiraki

The Honor Box Code

  • If you can afford to purchase a prepayment program, please do so. If you cannot, the Honor Box will always be available for you

  • When using the Honor Box, please make the payment as close as you possibly can to the standard fee of $40.00.

  • Throughout the course of your care, you may switch back and forth between a prepayment program and the Honor Box.

  • Kindly remember that Honor Box Chiropractic is required to pay a general excise tax on everything paid to the Honor Box.

  • Make payments right after your adjustment by placing the cash amount or check into the Honor Box sitting on the front desk. Placing your payment in an envelope is not necessary. If you want to make a payment on your credit card, just ask one of the chiropractic assistants to process that charge.

  • We do not track or record your payments to the Honor Box.

  • If you wish to file with an insurance company, we can help you with the paperwork, but ultimately the receipt of reimbursement is your responsibility. A patient will not be allowed to use the Honor Box and file a claim at the same time.

  • We reserve the right to revoke a patient’s Honor Box privileges if it is deemed that he or she is abusing the system.

  • All patients who use the Honor Box must make a firm commitment to refer friends and family to this clinic. In order to keep this system a true WIN/WIN arrangement, this clinic must always have a steady flow of new patients.

  • No matter what you pay, no matter how you pay, you will always get our best.

The Honor Box