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More patients sharing their Honor Box Chiropractic experiences:

"I was using 5 different pain killers plus Aleve on a rotational bases each day to suppress the pain and inflammation! Every day was a new experience in pain management. What do I do? What can be done to lessen the pain? What is causing the pain? Can the pain go away? Do I need an operation on my low back? Dr. Shiraki explained with a diagram why I was having back pain, what was causing my pain, treatments and how he was going to realign my back! That was September. With each treatment and realigniment I could feel the pain lessen and lessen and I began to ween myself off painkillers! Slowly, I started to feel less and less pain after each treatment. One weekend towards the end of October 2015 in particular, I woke up Sunday morning and there was no pain at all!"

-- Frank Oducado

"I got into a car accident in 1986 and suffered whiplash. After therapy I was fine until 2003. The pain was excruciating. With God's guidance I found Dr. Shiraki who has blessed me and kept me healthy ever since. I visit with him regularly, enjoy life as it should be, being mobile, medication free, and happy -- allowing me to continue to do God's ministry! Mahalo ke Akua, Mahalo Doc Shiraki!"

-- Violet Medeiros

"I slipped from the shower chair and I could barely walk, straighten up, and no position was comfortable for me. I was in extreme pain when my wife took me to Dr. Shiraki. I walked in with the aid of a walker and with regular treatments I am now able to walk with just my cane for balance. I visit Dr. Shiraki regularly and when I walk in with pain, I walk out pain free after my treatment. I'm 84 with multiple health conditions and grateful that Dr. Shiraki is an essential part of my health today."

-- Frank Medeiros

"I have hit a milestone, one that I never dreamed of. My life from 2004 until 2013, I have been under tremendous pain, which fluctuated anywhere from 5½ to 10, where I was at the mercy of the workers comp doctor who insisted I had hit a level where nothing else could be done, except to manage the pain by taking painkillers and muscle relaxers. I popped my L5 disc in a work injury where my health and body was slowly deteriorating, way before its time . . . My wife now looks at me in amazement, and comments how I can actually walk like a normal person. I’m no longer hobbling with a gait like Quasimodo . . . The effects of seeing Dr. Shiraki has been nothing but a Blessing. He truly is one of the Angels sent by God himself to help me through my lowest point in my life . . . I’m actually thinking of going back to the gym again, I feel that good compared to what I use to feel. My back is straightening out and my hips are once again level. I still have my bad days, but they have gotten less and less. I have been humbled before God and he has bestowed upon me one of his Angels, gifted with sensibility and determination to help his fellow men."

-- Michael Panzo

"As a fitness professional myself, I can truly appreciate his mission and philosophy to deliver the best service in health care to the community, with no motives for financial gain or prestige. Dr. Shiraki's Honor Box is a testament to this, and there is no other medical professional in the State of Hawai`i that can claim this approach to health care. He truly cares about the health and well-being of the community at large, and is constantly finding ways to reach out to them as much as possible. Everyone has a right to be healthy, and they deserve the best possible health care, which shouldn't have to cost a lot of money."

-- Jedd Ramos, ACSM-cPT

"I always get greeted by name and they always check to see if there is any pain. Dr. Shiraki seems to tailor your adjustment to how your body reacts. I notice that some days when my neck is really sore, he spends more time adjusting my neck. I don't even have to tell him what's wrong. He usually finds the exact spot that is causing discomfort."

-- Jonathan Yamane

"Dr. Shiraki is a true servant and you will feel how special his office is the moment you walk through the door. His humility was obvious to me while reading his website so I decided to meet him in person. I have met with him numerous times to talk Chiropractic and to get adjusted. Dr. Shiraki has been instrumental in helping me get my own practice going in Hawaii. I have met many humble servants in my career as a chiropractor but few to the level I believe Dr. Shiraki is on. You've made a great choice with Dr. Shiraki."

-- Eric Vroom, D.C.

"Dr. Shiraki has got my back since 2003. I've been an on and off patient but I've been quite the regular for the past few months now. The Honor Box is no gimmick. It's real and makes me glad that it has survived the test of time. The people of Hawaii truly understand and embrace such a system."

-- Juan Navarro

"In the beginning of my treatments, there were times that I wondered if chiropractic was working for me. I was reminded, however, that everyone’s condition differs and healing time varies. By diligently keeping my appointments, gradually I felt subtle differences; it dawned on me one day that I was engaging in more activities and focused less on my discomforts. I was excited to share my little progresses with Dr. Shiraki who always responded with exuberance."

-- Rachel Yuen

"Besides the honor box, it is nice to feel like my business matters to Dr Shiraki. When I walk in the door, at least one person calls me by name and says hello.  I will continue to get chiropractic adjustments for the rest of my life. I feel better, not only physically, but mentally when I regularly get adjusted."

-- Jodi Meder

"Always a friendly, professional environment. I always walk out with a smile and more information about overall health."

-- Marc Tanaka

"It's just been great being under Dr. Shiraki's care, the ease scheduling my own appointments, the prepayment plans, the friendliness of his staff (and the awesome percussion massages they perform), the background music that I continue to time my posture pump workout to and the option of the Honor Box-- priceless!"

--Jazz Lee

"It was more than Dr. Shiraki's chiropractic skills that turned things around for me.  It was his approach, attitude, and compassionate intent that produced the confidence necessary to begin chiropractic care."

-- Alan Kira

"You definitely have warm healing hands and a very caring heart.  God has given you as your life's purpose strong healing energy along with good chiropractic skills."

-- Tomoko Yee

"Even though I am having a bad day or not feeling well, you folks always manage to put a smile on my face.  Every time I come you always give me the star treatment and make me feel very important."

-- Ginella Kapele

"Dr. Shiraki is very knowledgeable in his field chiropractic health.  He is also honest, trustworthy and his calm demeanor enhances the nature of his work."

-- Richard Keawe

"Remember the TV show Cheers?  Your office is just like that because everyone knows your name.  From the moment you walk in to when you leave, you know you are getting the best possible care because, like a family, everyone is truly concerned about your well-being."

-- Darryl Higa

"Honor Box Chiropractic is not like going to any other chiropractic office.  It's like going to see a friend."

-- Lance Kukino

"Now I tell everyone about Dr. Shiraki and Honor Box Chiropractic.  I even sing the Who’s Got Your Back song so people recognize the name from the commercials. The best part is the way his staff treats you like family.  Dr. Shiraki always remembers to ask me about how my personal and professional life is going.  I'm always amazed at how much he remembers about me.  I really do feel like he’s got my back."

-- Winter Hamada, Ph.D.

"The Honor Box system has allowed me to not only be able to afford chiropractic care, but I have noticed that through continuous care from Dr. Shiraki, I have eased my shoulder pain, alleviated my headaches, and have a better overall feeling of well-being."

-- Don Haraguchi

"The quality of care at Honor Box Chiropractic is no less than excellent.  Dr. Shiraki never cuts short the care to any patient even when there are a number of patients waiting.  It is without hesitation that I recommend Dr. Shiraki to anyone seeking improved health and wellness."

-- Randall Kawano

"It is a joyous blessing to have Dr. Reed Shiraki as my chiropractic doctor.  His gifted hands have a special touch."

-- Regina Umeda

"When my previous chiropractor increased my payment requirements, I was dismayed at the thought of being unable to afford continued chiropractic care.  Dr. Shiraki and his staff have renewed my faith by the quality of care that they provide at Honor Box Chiropractic.  What I like most is that I don't feel rushed in and out for my adjustment. The warmth and nurturing from Dr. Shiraki and his staff have helped me back on the path to healthy living."

-- Melanie Ching 

"I must admit that I was a little skeptical at first about going to see a chiropractor, but after meeting Dr. Shiraki and talking to him I felt very comfortable about making the choice of chiropractic care."

-- Lynn Yamauchi

"Thank goodness for the Honor Box!  I love being able to be adjusted without the question of, 'How much will my insurance cover?'  My husband and I are grateful that our health is important to Dr. Shiraki."

-- Darby Schultz

"I think the Honor Box is a revolutionary way of meeting the needs of the people of Hawaii.  It is nice to know that  health care professional cares more about a person's health than how much money he can make."

-- Chris Schultz

"I've been taking all types of pills and shots just to help ease the pain. Then on March of this year on television I watched a program about chiropractic. I thought perhaps this will help me since I tried everything else. Chiropractic has helped me tremendously. Having the ability to move around more freely has given me peace of mind."

-- Herbert McGuire

"Before joining the chiropractic family, I used a lot of Tylenol, Advil, and Aleve because at the end of a work day it felt like I was breaking in half.  Since coming to Dr. Shiraki for adjustments, I'm like a new person. I don't need any more drugs for pain, because there is no pain!"

-- Mary Ann Kwon

"Dr. Shiraki and his staff have that high-touch of care and quality service.  Dr. Shiraki cares about his patients."

-- Chris Bernadino

"The bottom line is this: chiropractic not only helps your body to heal and function properly, it educates you and opens up a new lifestyle that promotes long term wellness. Dr. Shiraki promises to care for you even if for some reason you just can't pay at the time of your care. This kind of commitment is rare and I consider it a blessing to have found him."

-- Michael Tiongco

"After the first session the numbness was gone and I no longer wake up in pain at night. In the time since, the pain during the day has decreased to an occasional ouch."

-- Tony Kearney

"Dr. Shiraki is worth paying out of pocket for our personal health and well being."

-- Kalani Kaahanui

"I was seeing a different chiropractor, but I got the feeling that he really didn't care about me or my pain. I got out the phone book and starting with the 'A's' called every doctor. I finally got to Dr. Shiraki and he was the first doctor that I could hear in his voice that he cared about healing me. On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain was about an 8. From the first visit on, I was getting better. Without Dr. Shiraki, I couldn't have afforded chiropractic. It is healers like Dr. Shiraki that the future of this planet needs more than anything."

-- Paul Bernard